WhatsApp Notification

Twilio Settings

The theme will provide settings for Twilio SMS gateway for sending messages.

Go to Notifications > SMS/Whatsapp tab from main auction settings see the below image.

For Twilio connection you need below details from Twilio account :

Fill in the details and click on the " Save changes" button.
To get your Twilio api details follow below steps:

  • Create Twilio account, click here
  • Go to Twilio console, click here
  • Account SID and Auth Token, Go to Twilio console Click on Account > Api Keys & tokens this page will show your Api details see below image  
  • To get  From number click here
  • To get  WhatsApp from number follow below steps (Used for only WhatsApp messages):
  1. You need a fresh phone number that is not connected with any WhatsApp account.
  2. You need Business Manager ID (Please note: This is not the same as your Facebook page) if don't have need to create Business Manager account follow this article (Please use phone number that you need to use as WhatsApp number), click here
  3. You need to request WhatsApp number connect with Twilio follow this article, click here and submit request to Twilio click here (This will take few days to process)
  4. After submit wait until you will receive an email with the subject "You are now pre-approved to use Twilio APIs for WhatsApp"
  5. When you receive notice that Twilio has submitted your Display Name and number to WhatsApp, you will need to approve Twilio to send messages on your behalf, follow article to see process click here
  6. After approve you need to verify your Meta Business Manager, to do this please follow article click here
  7. After verified Meta Business Manager,  Go to Twilio console > Develop > Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp senders  Check your number is added or not, if not show like below image then click on "New WhatsApp Sender" button to add new sender and follow steps, click here

If it does not show Status as "Approved by WhatsApp" then please raise a ticket with Twilio to verify your WhatsApp account. 

If above steps show Status as "Approved by WhatsApp" then send message template to submit follow steps (Note you can use only approved templates ) click here

After all steps are completed you can try to send a test message from the theme dashboard and if you receive message then your connection is successful. Now you can continue with live API details, Click on Account > Api Keys & tokens this page will show your API details. 

WhatsApp Settings

Admin options

Theme will provide 3 types of WhatsApp notification to send users after some action accrues.

Verify message template

When you add/change below message templates in theme admin, you need to submit that all messages to Twilio also for verification

To submit a message template, navigate to Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp Templates or see below image
Click on "New message template" to add new template and fill below form and submit for approval after approve you can use to send message 

After all templates approved by Twilio you can go to next step

  1. Outbid Message
    1. Check the 'Enable Outbid SMS' checkbox for Enable this message
    2. Add Your proper message text, you can use below template tags to customize message.
  2. Won Message
    1. Check the 'Enable Won SMS' checkbox for Enable this message
    2. Add Your proper message text, you can use below template tags to customize message.
  3. Ending Soon Message
    1. This message is sanded when cron is enabled
    2. To Enable/Disable this message you need to turn ON "Cron for Ending Soon SMS" from Wp Admin > Auctions >Theme options > Cron > Cron for Ending Soon SMS
    3. Add Your proper message text, you can use below template tags to customize message.

User Options

Theme have options for users to manage notifications see below image.

User can change notifications settings from My account > Auction > Notifications > WhatsApp 
Click on "Save Changes" for save notification settings. 

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