Auction Event

Auction event

Please review the below video for how to create an auction event. This video will cover how to set the title, description, auction type, bid increment, start date, end date, etc.. of the auction event.

            To add events you can navigate to Auctions > Auction Events and click on the 'Add new' button see the below image.

The auction event is used to sell your auction products with events see below image to add.

event add new


                    Enter the name of the event.
                    Enter a description of the event.
                Event category
                    Select event category to categories your events see the above image to find this.
                    Note you need to add categories from Auctions > Event categories menu to set events in the category.
                Basic Details
                    This tab will be used for setup event basic details like the timing of event starts, Bid Increment settings, Choose Auction Products...etc.
                    Type of Auction Event
                        Select type of event timed or live event.
                        Timed event
                            Do you want to enable Buy Now option for the lots - Yes/No
                        Live event
                            What should be the live event time duration - Date-time
                    Auction Type
                        Select auction type for event proxy, silent, simple for filter auctions in the event.
                    Choose Auction Products
                        Select auctions by product category or manually choose products.
                        Select product category
                            Choose Product Category
                        Auction products manually
                            Choose Products Manually
                    Start Date & Time
                        Set From Event need to start.
                    End Date & Time
                        Set From Event need to end.
                    Enable Bid Increment
                        Set bid increments with flat/percentage rate filters.
                            Set Bid Incremental Type
                                Flat price
                                    Flat Incremental Price
                                Variable price
                                    Set Variable Incremental Price
                                        Start price
                                        End price
                                        Increment price
                                        Add interval
                Terms & Condition
                    Set terms and conditions for the event.
                Buyer's Premium
                    Set buyers premium for event products with advanced options.
                        Do you want to automatically debit the Buyer's premium - Yes/No
                        Who should receive Buyer's Premium - Admin/Auction owners
                        What will you charge
                            Flat rate
                                Mention the Charge
                                Mention the Charge
                                Minimum Premium Charge
                                Maximum Premium Charge


                You can see a list of events with filter by event status like Live, Future, Past, and options like delete, view, detail, edit events see below image.

Event Category

            You can add event categories from this menu see the below image.
Event Category


                Enter the name of the category.


                Enter slug of a category.


                Enter a description of the category.

Event Location

Please review the below video for all the components and layout of the auction event detail page. This video will cover the auction event title, description, end time, all auction products of the event, etc.. on the auction event detail page.

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